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Flies in the Kitchen

Hey Everybody, welcome to the podcast.  I'm Dan Heidt. This is a show about creators and their stories.


Oct 10, 2018

This is Part Two of my conversation with Ron Freeman (Just in case the title didn't give it away).  If you've not listened to Part 1, How about checking that one out first?

In this half, we chat a lot about community, and what that looks like in the world of The Freeman House Concerts as well as the Third Sundays at...

Oct 10, 2018


I honestly don't know how I ended up with 2 hours of tape with Ron Freeman.    Actually, that's not entirely true.  I had a feeling that when I invited Ron to sit down with me and chat, it would be a long and fruitful conversation.  I tell you what, I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Ron is a both deep thinker and a...