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Flies in the Kitchen

Hey Everybody, welcome to the podcast.  I'm Dan Heidt. This is a show about creators and their stories.


Jun 6, 2022


Eric and I first crossed paths when I made my way to Espresso Yourself Music Cafe, in Powell, Ohio, for an open mic night shortly after moving to Ohio.  I consider myself really fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience the community and great vibes from EYMC before it closed in 2012.  Eric and I talk a good bit about all that, plus a lot more.  I met up with him at his farmhouse just out of town, where he spends his days gardening and tending to his bonsai trees.

Eric is a great songwriter with a great story, and I'm excited to share it with you.  Not all stories are sunshine and roses, though, and this one has its share of stormy weather.  But it was a great talk, I liked the direction it took, and I hope you will too.  Check Out Mr. Eric's Music here, and find out what he's up to these days. You can also hear music from his band from a few years back, Chittenden Hotel -- which we never even got a chance to talk about!