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Flies in the Kitchen

Hey Everybody, welcome to the podcast.  I'm Dan Heidt. This is a show about creators and their stories.


Sep 27, 2022

I've known about David Wilcox since I first heard "East Asheville Hardware" back in the mid 90's working at a summer camp.  I was absolutely captivated and delighted at what I was listening to, and knew that this was something that I needed to pay more attention to, being a budding songwriter myself.  What followed was a few decades of wonder and inspiration at the levels of depth to which a songwriter can go when it comes to communicating an idea.  David is in a realm all to his own, and you get a good sense of this right off the bat in this episode.

Please do yourself a favor and make some time in your day to explore for loads of music, events like workshops and retreats, his tour schedule, and even a way to find which song can cure that which ails ya.

David is part of that sweet "Asheville Contingent" including David LaMotte, Barbie Angell, Chuck Brodsky, and Jamie & Ian Ridenhour, all of whom you can catch up on from previous episodes. I was really hopeful to speak with David at some point, and I was fortunate to catch him at a good time, just before a big week in Oregon (Sept 26 - Oct 1), when he will be teaching at the Americana Song Academy at Camp Sherman and performing at the Sisters Folk Festival.  Go if you can! I hope it’ll be as soul-enriching for you as this chat was for me


Some of David’s music featured in this episode include “The Soul of It”, “Tattered Old Kite”, “The Beautiful”, and the one I teased you with at the beginning of the episode, "The View from the Edge", which can be experienced here, in his official video. Much, much more can be found at his website.