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Flies in the Kitchen

Hey Everybody, welcome to the podcast.  I'm Dan Heidt. This is a show about creators and their stories.


Oct 10, 2018


I honestly don't know how I ended up with 2 hours of tape with Ron Freeman.    Actually, that's not entirely true.  I had a feeling that when I invited Ron to sit down with me and chat, it would be a long and fruitful conversation.  I tell you what, I enjoyed every single minute of it.

Ron is a both deep thinker and a great songwriter.  Those two rarely don't go well together (In case you missed the double negative, I just said that's a great combination).  I think both my heart and my brain grew a little, as a result of this talk.

Ron has a great musical and lyrical style that I hope you'll dive into after listening to this episode.  I include a lot of music on both of these episodes, but if you really want to get the full picture, go to his Bandcamp for more great music from his band, Lost Orchards.

Also, if you're hoping to learn more or become a part of the tremendously hospitable community that is the Freeman House Concerts, shoot a request to join the Facebook Group Page!  You'll be in the loop immediately.

Finally, even though I had a hard time editing, I did end up having to cut a decent amount out.  It was hard, but I ended up removing this piece about Ron's affinity and proclivity to good food in Columbus.  I've decided to open a Soundcloud account for clips such as these.  Follow along, and be on the lookout for more in the future.

Hope you enjoy this first of two parts of my conversation with Ron Freeman!