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Flies in the Kitchen

Hey Everybody, welcome to the podcast.  I'm Dan Heidt. This is a show about creators and their stories.


Sep 3, 2020

Speak when you are angry, and you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret. - Ambrose Bierce

As I write this, I have 34% left on my laptop, and I'm getting on a plane in 2 hours.  I'm heading out to my next job, in Burbank California, and this has been a real challenge keeping my eyes open long enough to finish this post.  Boy, will I be excited to sleep on the plane!  I will however, miss the cool morning walks I've been taking here in Indianapolis. It's where I've been recording these short episodes I've been bringing you, and I have one more to share next week.  This one, however, is about Anger.

I'm finding that it's not taking much for me to get angry about things happening in our world.  I'm also finding that it isn't as easy to describe what anger is, as it is to describe what it is not.  I learn a bit of a lesson today, in what is best when it comes to dealing with anger.  Maybe it'll strike a chord with you as well.

See you in California.  Hey, maybe I'll find an even cooler place to take walks and chat with you guys.

Be Well.

What is your meaning of anger?

Some say anger is a wasted emotion,
Id argue that anger is why we are free from Hawaii to the Atlantic Ocean

Some say anger only breed’s violence and hate,
I disagree; anger is the reason for every revolution to date

Some peoples anger burns hot and takes control,
Mine kept chilled, a reptilian soul

A warm blooded mammal with a cold reptilian soul, Trying to make sure anger is used correctly from the far east to the close to home west.

Einstein dared to solve Mc squared.
So I will teach y’all to be angry, sharpened teeth bared
Then you will be taught,
How to teach. For anger with out purpose is for naught

I fight for change,
Till I stand limp on the big bad mans firing range

Some say anger is for those with nothing left
I say anger is the beating behind this planets chest

Some say anger is for outcasts and bums.
Yes anger is for outcasts. The too short the too tall, the too smart the too dumb
The too fat the too skinny, the too poor the too rich
Anger is for outcasts and bums.

Some say anger is a wasted emotion, yet for me, anger drives me when I write these poems

-Selena Irulan